We strongly believe that what we eat & where it comes from, have a powerful impact on local communities & the planet.
But Street Gourmet is more than a culinary experience – it is a journey into food, art & social projects with a touch of sense of humor, connecting the mind, the body & the soul


While working hand in hand with a nutritionist, our chefs carefully follow Nature’s rhythm and a ‘healthy lifestyle’ : slow-cooked swiss meat at low temperatures, gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegan cuisine are all found on our menu to satisfy the most refined palates. Free of colourings, additives or preservatives, and a firm commitment to using fresh seasonal & local produce.


Street Gourmet is above all an urban & artistic experience, where gastronomy, music, architecture and Street Art come together to offer a unique place with an urban identity.

Every dish is thought to be an explosive palette of colours, flavours, textures & energy. Recycled street objects are given a second life: wooden palettes for partitions, doors, car headlights casting a poetic light, and the vegetable crates echoing the freshness of the produce on offer. 

We can also discover local artists’ touches on our windows & walls such as s.w.a.l.t

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Through ethical production and high standards of work, the artisans of Street Gourmet are committed to using the best regional produce. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable and our commitment is reflected in our daily efforts to develop socially conscious projects such as our organic NGO Safron farm in Lebanon Safran du Liban or our NGO For the Art  in Geneva or in supporting associations such as Art-for-peace ( art therapy) , each of these projects serving as an example in its own way.


by Street Gourmet